San Diego’s music scene has always been reflective of the diverse cultural background of it’s people; a melting pot of genres that has always included punk, rock, hip hop, pop, reggae, folk, metal, and ska. Throw all of this in a blender, mix in some sun, fun, alcohol, plenty of debauchery and you get 5nSlime, a pop duo standing in the middle of it all, trying to start a circle pit at a hip hop show. Born and raised in San Diego, 5nSlime has been playing shows in the Southern California area since 2015 and has become known for high energy performances with catchy melodic hooks, heavy beats, and intricate pop hip hop verses. It’s hard to pin point exactly what genre 5nSlime identifies with. Like the Beastie Boys or the Red Hot Chili Peppers, each song is unique and dynamic, which makes 5nSlime one of those acts that feels just as comfortable opening for Afro-man at a hip hop club, as they do rocking out at the House of Blues.

Eric (Little E) Gregg

Little E is emotional. He is over the top and pours his heart into everything he does, including the mundane stuff. Have you ever seen a grown man cry while taking out the trash? Just follow E around for a day and you will. He joined a punk band during his first year of high school in order to process the emotions brought on by his often broken heart. He spent the next 6 years writing songs and honing the craft of creating earworm melodies before he tried out for Brandon’s band, Raven Like a Writing Desk. Since Raven, E has been in multiple music projects until reuniting with Brandon for 5nSlime. To E, 5nSlime is the culmination of everything he has ever loved about music. You can see it on his face when he performs, and gets lost inside the songs forgetting that anything else matters in that moment.

Brandon Fitzgerald

Brandon AKA Papa Pringle is a charismatic guy with loose morals and a subtle charm. Woman love him, men want to be him; mainly because he brings out the worst in people, that dark Kermit voice that pulls out your restricted desires. He likes reminding people what it was like to be single, when living for the moment and enjoying life was the only thing that mattered. Brandon has been writing songs for over a decade and branched out on his own to start 5nSlime in 2015, because he loves making music, but was tired of the politics, broken commitments, and infighting that comes along with trying to keep a band together. 5nSlime started with Brandon as a solo project, until the day that he asked E to guest on a song for his Scary Mix EP release. It was clear to him then, that 5nSlime was always supposed to be a duo. E said yes to his offer before he even finished asking.